The Watering Can

About Us

Now more than ever we need to look at our consumption practices and how they serve us, our environment and the world. By choosing sustainable and local products, we are able to give directly back to our communities. I believe people are ready to make greener choices for their families, but accessibility can sometimes get in the way. One of my goals in creating The Watering Can Supply is to help make the change easier for people. By choosing eco-friendly products, we’re supporting our families, investing in our health and truly caring for our environment.

Our founder

Casey Kennedy

Making a positive impact wherever I go has always been a leading value of mine. I've tried to guide myself through life by only taking what I need from this earth. My deep love and passion for community involvement and accessibility has helped guide me in creating such a space to share with others. The Watering Can Supply has provided me with the opportunity of fulfillment in so many areas of my life. Thank you