Always Bearded – Beard Oil (Bergamot & Ylang Ylang)


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Enjoy a subtle but perfect blend of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood essential oils; providing a clean citrus scent with a hint of smoky musk.


– Softens facial hair from scruff to full length beard
– Repairs and strengthens hair fibers from the root follicle all the way out
– Fights itchy dry skin and prevents beard dandruff (aka ‘beardruff’)
– De-stresses hair, allowing hair to lay down better
– Formulation granted the CertClean certification


Directions for use:
Used best directly after shower due to skin pores being open from the steam. Shake a few drops into hand, or remove inner restriction cap and pour desired amount into hand for longer beards. Distribute evenly through beard and down to skin with fingers and hands, before combing through into place.