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A visual study of Ucluelet and the Wild Pacific Trail.

“Let me tell you about magic. It’s gathering salal berries in the mist a bear cub doing the same. Bambi dancing on the cliff to the hum of warning sea bells. Violent spray crashes against rock. The deafening sound rekindles a wildness. I dance twisting and bending next to horizontal trees. ‘Lead the way’, I whisper taking her hand into lush rainforest, psychedelic horsetail at her roots. Let me tell you about the leatherback turtle floating with a smile on his face. What are you searching for? Jellyfish and magic he sings as he dives deep beneath.” – Anja Jane

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High-quality digital wall art printed on textured felt FSC® paper from responsible sources.

Dimension: 12 x 16 in / 30.5 x 40.65 cm

Made in Canada

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